Friday, September 22, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Sept. 22nd, 2017

Woo hoo, I saw a draft version of this at Twitter Math Camp this year and it seems that it is finally out. Transformation golf is a great way for kids to practice rotations, translations and reflections in a nice dynamic way. I've done a bit of work in this area here and here but the Desmos stuff is so slick your kids will love it.
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In Ontario, we call them learning goals. Here @mathycathy calls them learning targets. Regardless of the name,  if you have your students keep track of their progress on their learning goals then you might like the way that she has co opted Desmos Activity Builder to do that. Take a look
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In this latest episode of @MyFavTheorem they ask @JSEllenberg what his favourite theorem is and it was a neat little ditty called Fermat's Little Theorem. Which basically goes like this. Take any prime number, say 7 and raise 2 to the power of that prime, 27. Then the answer when divided by the original prime 128/7 will always have a remainder of 2. This is easily used in any class where students have to work with expressions and primes. Listen here
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I love it when teachers share their entire semester via daily posts. I think that besides this being a great exercise for teachers to self reflect, its great for other teachers to get ideas. In this case, @DaveLanovaz is giving us a day by day for his grade 9 academic math class. Check out the first post here and the rest that follow.
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Here is a crazy pattern that might get your kids thinking of Pythagorean theorem and higher dimensions.
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Last week I someone showed me an order of operations problem that (potentially) had two different answers depending on how it was typed into the calculator. And through the rest of the week I learned that there was an order of operation rule that I had previously been unaware of. That is when you have something like 6/2(3), even though order of operations tells us that we do multiplication and division in the order they appear left to right, the implied multiplication of 2(3) is actually has precedence. There is not a lot of info on this (and I don't know of anyone that teaches this in elementary or secondary school) but clearly it exists as you can see by some of the documentation seen in the tweets that followed my original tweet including a calculator manual page, other calculator examples and the apparent reason (that implied multiplication is treated as a scale factor and thus takes prescience).
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Sept 15th, 2017

So there is a relatively new math podcast out: My Favourite Theorem is hosted by @niveknosdunk and @evelynjlamb and each episode they interview a mathematician and ask what their favourite theorem is. There is only a few episodes now but so far there is a mix of theorems well above gr12 to things that could be used in grades below gr12. Each episode is relatively short so it's a nice little podcast that you could listen to to get some neat ideas for class. For example, how about this video from 1966 about the mean value theorem. You can get all the podcasts and transcripts at this link but you can get more descriptions and extra stuff at the Roots of Unity Blog.
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The Theorem of the Mean Policeman (1966) from Eric Cornwell on Vimeo.

In this recent episode of 99% Invisible @mathbabedotorg talks about the problems with algorithms and other topics from her book "Weapons of Math Distruction".
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Ever see the path of satellites? Ever wonder why the path looks sinusoidal? Blame the Mercator map
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Here's a TED-Ed video on some of the different ways to prove the Pythagorean Theorem.
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In this video @standupmaths does some work with i^i and makes connections to Euler's Identity.
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This image they made with the digits of this prime is pretty cool
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I have always heard about Casting out Nines but never really knew what it was. It's actually pretty neat and it's a great way for your students to practice their math facts while practicing their math facts.
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A painting for the artists in your class that connects to Pythagorean Theorem
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Friday, September 8, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Sept. 8th, 2017

When I was at Twitter Math Camp this summer one of the "My Favourites" was from @SweenWSweens. He talked about using @Desmos Marbleslides challenges all the time in his class. Well he has put all of them in one Desmos Activity. Check it out at the link below
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I think that the more real examples of how probability works we can show students the better. In this case the idea discussed is the "hundred year flood". More specifically the idea that what it means is not that once in every 100 years there will be a bad flood but instead there is a 1% chance every year that there will be a bad flood. These are two different things and they go through some of the math.
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"John Urschel of the Baltimore Ravens was the only player in the N.F.L. simultaneously getting a Ph.D. in math at M.I.T. But after a new study came out linking football to brain damage, he abruptly retired" - this story is probably a nice general interest topic spanning sports to math. Listen below.
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Sometimes I think that when it comes to transformations, dilatations are sometimes the hardest to describe. In this series of videos Dane Ehlart has a series of videos that shows them visually. Check them out below
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And as an extra challenge Dane has some images where he asks to describe the dilatations then gives video solutions (see links below for solutions).
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Friday, September 1, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Sept 1st. 2018

Here in Ontario the results are starting to come out for this year's provincial tests. Apparently, again, grade 6 math scores are stagnant at about half of students reaching provincial standard. Of course there are all kinds of reasons that everyone has for this but I thought that @mathewoldridge said it best in this article where he basically talks about my favourite solution, using a balanced approach of traditional and new methods.
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Personally, although I get the importance of them, I have always made fun of "Think,Pair,Share" or "Talk to your elbow partner" because, really, can't you just say "Talk to the person next to you". All joking aside, I really like this tweak from @saravdwerf. She calls it Stand and Talk and she goes into great detail on how to use it to get your kids to talk about math in your classes. Well worth the read.
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Like I said, everyone has an opinion. In this article the solution to Ontario's math woes is making sure you teach the teachers math (speaking of elementary teachers). I only partially agree. I think that, to some extent, teachers do need to know the math but more than that they need to know math for teaching. Which means needing to know how to handle things when kids make mistakes. Read the article at the link and then watch @Deborah_Ball's video about math for teaching
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Though they don't go into too much detail about the math, it was used to determine the exact moment the space station went across the eclipse. It was only for an instant but it was so cool that they could figure it out. Math power!
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I think this is really just Babylonian homework. Click the link to see the video. Thanks to @MrEsping_Math for this one
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Some Logarithmic humour
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Aug. 25th, 2017

As far as I'm concerned we can't have enough books about how math can be enjoyable and how it is an essential part of life. In his book "Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics" Ontario educator @mathgarden's does just that. Blending pop culture with traditional and new mathematics, I think you (and your students) will be sure to find something of interest here.
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I like this little activity from @Desmos dealing with rates of change and the equation y = ax.
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In this time of so called "fake news" it seems we need some methods to distinguish the good from the bad. This is especially true of opinion polls. In this post, @fivethirtyeight gives us guidelines for determining whether a poll is credible or not. Beyond the what, when, where, why questions you can ask they give other things to look at to determine if a poll is good.
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 If you are looking for a complex problem for your students to work with that deals with volumes of composite shapes then look no further than the napkin ring problem. There is a lot of algebra needed for this but nothing beyond simple solving equations and Pythagorean theorem in this cool relationship.
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From @BenOrlin comes a set of reasons that you shouldn't buy two (or even one) lottery tickets. Follow the link to get the whole story.
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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Aug. 18th, 2017

This will be an abbreviated math links because I am up north cottaging with very little Internet access (or electricity for that matter) but it seems fitting that since it is close to the beginning of the school year (at least here in Ontario) that @RobertKaplinski has a short post about setting up classroom norms.
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Here's a nice little Desmos activity dealing with transformations. Although the notations used doesn't quite match up with Ontario curriculum, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch for our grade 7&8 students. But the concepts of transformations should be easier to deal with with these visual examples.
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Are you going to check out the eclipse on Monday? Maybe you might want to add some trig related eclipse activities to your classes.
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Use this video game to teach calculus (or at least limits and continuity). Thanks to @Esping_Math for this one. Curriculum Tags: MCV4U

Friday, August 11, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Aug. 11th, 2017

For a while @Desmos has been teasing us with their geometry app but it wasn't very useful because you couldn't save anything. Well now you can. Just log into your @desmos account and save away. Next step will be to make it available on
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This is so simple and so easy to do. A nice and perplexing way to have kids work with adding decimals.
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Having spent the last few posts talking about Twitter Math Camp, it seems fitting that @wheeler_laura did a sketchnote about @pgliljedahl and @judylarson3 's paper about the #MTBoS.
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A new video from @numberphile that might be useful when talking with students about factoring (especially if they like baseball).
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Who doesn't like graphing memes
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