Friday, August 19, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending Aug19th, 2016

I love this post by @RobertKaplinsky. It's a call to action that he started with the catalyst of this post from @Heather_Kohn. I love the sign that says "If Mr ______ is teaching then please come in and observe". The idea is that we need to teach with our doors open and invite anyone in at any time. I have long professed this but Robert has made the formal shout out for teachers everywhere to open their doors. I don't think that this is supposed to be exclusive to "master" teachers, but this is for everyone. That is, everyone can show something interesting and everyone has ways they can improve. The added benefit is that students soon realize that you are all in this together and pretty soon you have a community rather than isolated classrooms. If you want to participate then at the very least you can just open your door. But Robert has actually got some steps if you want to go all in:
  • List what you want feedback on.
  • Consider including an observation tool like this Levels of Classroom Discourse one from Principles to Action so it is easier for observers to give you actionable feedback.
  • Print out the sign and put in on your door or window (maybe with a pile of observation tools nearby).
  • Then, take a picture of it and tweet it out using the hashtag #ObserveMe.
Thanks to @marybourassa for pointing out this one.
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After I posted my Line of Best fit Desmos Activity last week, I got a reply from @MathVault pointing out that they have a pretty definitive set of Desmos tutorials (among other things). One of the parts I love the best about this is the stuff on statistics because you don't get a sense that you can do too much on Desmos with stats.
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We hosted @Marian_Small this week and had a great time with her style of asking questions. She has a great way of taking things that are often procedural and turning them into things that students really have to think about. See below for two examples. And check out the link to her slides from both her k-6 session and 7-12 session.
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Here is a nice puzzle originating from @mathgarden (actually, he credits Sam Vandervelde) and found on the Numberplay column from the NYTimes. It deals with large numbers and divisibility.
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The Most Important (set of ) Video(s) you will ever see. That is the name of this lecture on the nature of exponential growth from Albert Bartlet. It's old (poor quality) and not too high tech but there are some awesome things in it and worth the watch to get things you can use in your classes.
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It's always good when you can combine Lord of the Rings and asymptotes
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This is not new but I saw it recently. I like this as a kernel for a problem dealing with volume and spheres. The premiss is that if you took all the water on the earth and put it into a sphere it would be about 860 miles across. There is more at the link below on just the fresh water or rivers. Take a look
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending Aug. 12th, 2016

Here is a short activity that I created with Desmos to have students practice with interpolation and extrapolation. It uses some of the new Draw features as well.
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There will likely be a host of Olympic related math resources around the Interwebs but I like this if you are looking for an introduction or review of Order of Operations. Here the Romanian soccer team puts math expressions instead of numbers on their jerseys.
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And speaking of Order of operations, I really like this Desmos Activity created by @mathycathy that uses order of operations and the Draw feature. The original post was  from @mathequalslove about these Twin Puzzles is here, but the Desmos version is pretty sweet and simple. Also included in the original post is a couple of other types of puzzles. One dealing with area and the other dealing with geometric shapes.
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In grade 9 we talk about optimization. As it turns out there are reasons you may not want to optimize when it comes to consumer goods. This might be a nice addition to any lesson this topic. See the link below for some explanation or just watch the video
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I love this new (to me) Reddit feed about beautiful data. You can find it on Reddit or on Twitter @DataIsBeautiful.
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Friday, August 5, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending Aug 5th, 2016

More Desmos cardsorts are coming. This one from @mjfenton is a nice short one that deals with the conceptual idea of what a solution of a system of linear equations is. This shouldn't take students too long but will give you a good idea if anyone doesn't "have it" at the most basic level. I also like the fact that it includes more than just the cardsort.
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A few months ago I featured this report by about Sumo wrestling that was pretty rich with data (and kind of interesting). Now @joelbezaire has turned it into a nice little Desmos activity. Perfect for inferencing.
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I love dealing with big numbers. And a billion of anything is one of them. And in this case the billion in question is one billion iPhones. On the @stupidcalc blog they go through the calculations showing that those iPhones could pave a road that was over 1400 miles long. Have your kids try the calculation themselves but take a look at the post for the details.
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I like these Open Middle type questions. Here are some dealing from @MrJohnRowe with logarithms. Thanks to @jreulbach for pointing this one out.
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A couple new @WODBmath. This first one dealing with area and volume.
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The other one that has connections to powers of numbers
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Friday, July 29, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending July 29th, 2016

Here is a pretty neat and simple little game from @joelbezaire that deals with order of operations, dealing with variables, equations and problem solving. It's got a very low set up and seems like it has a low enough floor that most kids would be able to participate. The premiss is this. You are given a certain number of variables and a few rows of values representing those variables. The point of the game is for students to guess how the numbers are related to each other. That is a really simple explanation. Take the time to watch the tutorial video and you will probably add this to your classroom repertoire. And one of the nice things is that there are already some premade "games" ready on the website. Take a look. Thanks to @marybourassa for this one.
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Hey, it's a definite phenomenon. Pokemon Go, that is. So I did some quick analysis of the points required to level up. It turns out that those points follow an exponential pattern but along the way have some quadratic and linear sections. So if you are looking for some data to analyze that might be of interest to students take a look here.
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Hey, if you want to bring some geometry into Pokemon Go, then try this property of circles. This particular property actually doesn't show up in Ontario curriculum anymore but it still might be fun for just about any class.
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This is a new math worksheet builder from @altekrusejason. You may or may not have strong opinions about "worksheets" but one thing that has always been true is that creating a math worksheet with graphs and equations wasn't always easy. It looks like this might be the answer for that. Watch the video below to get a small sense of what you can do. Thanks to @SWOTeacher for this one
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Some brain imaging research on the stages of problem solving, specifically when doing math. Learning more about this could help struggling learners.
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How old is the worlds oldest calculator? Maybe 60 BC
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Have you ever wondered how many possible YouTube videos there could possibly be? Spoiler alert. It's a lot. Some good number sense with big numbers here from @standupmaths.
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I do love quadratic based images like this one from @RobbieMaddison jumping the Corinth Chasm. I have more from the quadratic realm here if you are interested.
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Taking pictures from a helicopter reveal all kinds of symmetry in New York and LA. Click on the link for more images
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending July 22nd, 2016

This is a kind of fun site. Some math games that reach different strands. I like Square It but I think Factors and Multiples Chain might be my favourite. Here you choose numbers from 1-100 and try to create chains of numbers that are either factors or divisors of each other. Good practice for factoring. There are more than these two so take a look.
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Of course, now that Desmos has their Card Sort feature, there are some good ones being produced by the math community. Like this one, for example, from @mathycathy about sorting statements about real and rational numbers. It's short and sweet and it starts to show some of the different ways you can do sorts with this new Desmos feature.
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Is it true that women might steer away from science careers because of difficulties with science? Check this article out to see what the data says
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It's always good to have more fun examples of projectile motion. And with a video title like "Human Slingshot - BASE Catapult | 0-200kph in 1 second" that means the analysis from @rjallain (see the link) will be pretty good.
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I love this one from @standupmaths where he shows that the current Euro 2016 soccer ball is actually based on a cube. Some cool 3D tessellation here.
Curriculum Tags: Gr7, Gr8

It's always good to see math show up in real life, though this might be a bit of some "bad press". Still, there might be a lesson on percent that could be wrapped around this image from @mburnsmath.
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Math Links for Week Ending July 15th, 2016

OK so the secret is out. If you were at #Descon16, that is. That was the pre Twitter Math Camp conference put on by @Desmos and it seems like they have sneakily released some new features ( I wasn't actually there but I'll leave it to you to figure out how I found out). First of all has a new look and now they have created "Bundles" of activities.  But more importantly they have a couple of new Activity Builder features that are part of their "Labs" section. Firstly, you can now apparently, create your own MarbleSlides activities. And my new favourite, they have a new Card Sort activity builder. If you've ever done a card sort activity, now you can do one without actually making cards. See the video below and this quick repository of some card sorts made at #DesCon16 this year. I'm sure that @Desmos will have some blog posts about them soon but for now you can turn on Labs by login in and then clicking on your name, then click on Labs. Thanks to @marybourassa and @MrSurti for pointing me in the right direction.
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Need an interesting modelling data for exponential functions? How about Harry Potter. If you saw the scene where the gold cups kept multiplying every time they were moved then you may be familiar with it. He asks the question "How long would it take for the room to fill up? " and you can get all the analysis and goods from @rjallain at the link below
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Some thoughts on why we should teach math and why everyone can do it.
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Some great fun with consecutive coin flips from @numberphile. These are great conversations to have with students about probability
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Kudos to these kids who not only parodied a song (Weezer's My Name is Jonas) but played the song themselves too.
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Geometry and Pole Dancing meet. Why not?
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I always liked the pseudo graphs that they create on Indexed from @jessicahagy. They are great for helping kids to decide what graphs mean in a fun way.
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