Friday, December 8, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Dec 8th, 2017

This past summer I had the pleasure of going to my first Twitter Math Camp. As it turns out becoming a participant at TMC is quite the feat. It regularly fills up quickly. And one way that you can get a spot is to be one of the presenters. They are always looking for new presenters and one of them could be you. And to help convince you I suggest you read recent blog posts from @samjshah or @marybourassa. They are great places to start if you are thinking of presenting but need a push or some ideas. And then when you are ready, fill in the Google form to submit your proposal.
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Are you looking for almost 30 Desmos activities from gr7-12? Then take a look at @MrOrr_Geek's spreadsheet compiling all of his activities. He's indicated for which grade each relates to, the topic and a brief description. Check them out.
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I have seen this Shell Centre activity before but I really like this Desmos update from @pejorgens. It's a great way to start kids on interpreting points on a scatter plot. Thanks to @mrOrr_Geek for pointing this one out.
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I like this problem that @FawnpNguyen highlighted on her blog recently:
There are 75 olives, 40% of which are green. I eat some of the green olives until 10% of the olives that remain are green. How many green olives did I eat?
Specifically I like the way she used a visual solution rather than an algebraic solution. Take a look
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If you are talking about scale diagrams with your kids then maybe start by showing what @colin_furze created by starting with a scale model
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We've been doing a lot of work in our school board on building thinking classrooms. So this post from @BenOrlin is quite timely. It's hard to get your kids to think and he suggest three strategies to make it happen. Check the post out for the full story.
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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Math Links for Week Ending Dec. 1st, 2017

In his latest post @MrOrrGeek peels back the curtain a bit to tell us about two things: "Igniting his moves" with, among other things,references to " The Five Practices of Productive Mathematics Discussion" and "Fuel Sense Making" where he talks about how to roll with what students do. And he does it all with a nice simple microwave context.
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Although this post is a year old, I just saw it for the first time this week. Here @Anniekperkins takes the idea that mathematicians aren't just white dudes to new heights. She drops the following challenge: "Take 10-15 minutes a week to research (read Wikipedia, that’s all you need) a not-old-dead-white-dude mathematician, and then take 5 minutes in class to tell your students about them. " And then she's done most of the work for you. Lists and links of tonnes of mathematicians of all types. Thanks to @ddmeyer for this one.
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We have been creating these continuums of math problems on different topics at different grade levels. We have found that students actually really like working on them as practice. We have literally heard them say "Am I sick? Because I think this is fun". In this case, the topic is solving rational equations and inequalities.
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With Christmas coming up, why not do some math with a fun survey about the best dancers in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. But beyond that I think you could have kids do the calculations on all the different possible pairings there could be in the matchups to connect to combinatorics.
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Understanding and dealing with large numbers is a problem for humans. So to help out, Scientific American has some resources on dealing with connecting with big numbers to help determine whether they are, in fact, big.
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In a recent podcast from More or Less they look at the possible reason that albums are getting longer. The short answer is - more tracks means more potential clicks and higher chart placing. There is some interesting info about Spotify. I'm thinking you could have some conversations about rate using the information here about things like how many clicks is equated to one "purchase" - 1500 plays equates to one record sale. Listen at the link below
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 On the Podcast, My Favourite Theorem they interview mathematicians and ask what their favourite theorem is. Though the theorems are not always k-12 centric, on this recent episode you find out how this mathematician connects Pythagorean Theorem with his Navajo identity.
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I've mentioned John Urschel before. He's the NFL player and MIT PHD math student who quit pro football once the data started coming out on the connection to brain damage and the NFL. Here's a recent story about why he chose math over football.
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An interesting article on whether math is truly innate in humans
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I have been meaning to try the Mathies Notepad App for a while. So I made this (long) video on dividing fractions using a numberline to do so.
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Do you want to have a bit of fun with students and formulas. Try this:
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